Small Business Saturday: Local Business of the Week

Happy Small Business Saturday! This week, we would like to introduce you to our neighbors here in Cary, Dr. Aliya and Dr. Lance Gard with Gard Wellness Center. Gard Wellness offers chiropractic care, acupuncture, medical massage, nutrition services and wellness services to optimize your health!


According to their website, “Our goal for you is to Live. Life. Well.  Our greatest joy is to watch the ripple effect of a patient feeling better and functioning better! It changes lives! With chiropractic at the core, our office utilizes many tools to get you to peak health and function, without drugs or surgery.  In addition to specific chiropractic adjustments, we offer medical massage therapy, spinal decompression, class IV laser therapy, acupuncture, dry needling and functional medicine.

Gard Wellness Center is owned and operated by Dr. Lance and Dr. Aliya Gard:

Dr. Lance is active in the local chiropractic community and serves on the Board of Directors of the NC Chiropractic Association. He holds advanced training and certification by the Council on Extremity Adjusting, Chiropractic Wellness Specialists, Activator Method Adjusting, Flexion Distraction and Diversified Techniques. He is the primary chiropractor at Gard Wellness Center. He has seen first hand in his own life with injuries and accidents how chiropractic helps with pain, but more importantly, he came to understand how it helps him function better.

Dr. Aliya’s primary role at Gard Wellness Center is chiropractic care for prenatal and pediatric patients, acupuncture, and the head of the Functional Medicine program. She is a living example of what she preaches and came to each of her specialties on the heels of personal experience and amazing results! She knows the power and vitality that exists when our bodies and minds are well-nourished, properly exercised, and expertly aligned (thanks to Dr. Lance). Her passion is delivering that knowledge and power to others!


🌱 Chiropractic

🌱 Acupuncture

🌱 Dry Needling

🌱 Infrared Sauna

🌱 Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

🌱 Spinal Decompression

🌱 Massage Therapy

Gard Wellness Center also offers a unique comprehensive functional medicine program that begins in the comfort of your own home. Your journey starts by finding the root cause of your symptoms, and finishes with getting you your life back!  You can learn more about it here:

What is Functional medicine?


Gard is also well connected to the community. In fact, this month they’re helping out the local food banks by holding a food drive for Interfaith:

m2 realty promotes Gard Wellness Center Food Drive


Gard Wellness Center is opened Monday-Friday from 9AM-1PM and 3PM-6PM

Address: 455 Swiftside Dr #103, Cary, NC 27518

Phone: (919) 322-4383

Email: [email protected]